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8’ x 8’ x 4’, Mixed Media found objects, cast objects,gilding, and video.

First shown in AIB Gallery, Boston, 2006. Also exhibited at Conrad Mallet Gallery, Hartford, CT and

Artspace, New Haven, CT

The Golden Pawnshop  is a gilded storefront spectacle of loss, greed, unmet expectations, waste and obsessive consumer consumption. Each object’s tragic story of desperation and lost dreams become meaningless, as it has been exchanged for cash. Many of these objects are broken and useless but are given a desirable value with a golden skin that hides the scars of use and abuse. Unlike other commodities, the inner glow and magic associated with gold throughout history contributes to a symbolic value way beyond gold’s physical cost. The paradox of gold’s material perfection and its destructive power played out in The Golden Pawnshop.


The Golden Pawnshop